Social Events

Welcome Receptions

The Welcome Reception was originally planned to be held at the popular Blue Lagoon
geothermal spa ( The Blue Lagoon only has a capacity of about 8-900
people and we have now over 1700 people attending the conference, which is clearly too many.

We still want to offer everyone the chance to visit the Blue Lagoon. It was therefore decided to
divide the Welcome Reception into two parts on both Sunday and Monday. The formal Welcome
Reception will be held on both days in Reykjavik at Perlan (The Pearl -, which
is a nice place on a hill with fantastic views of the city and the mountains. On the day the
participants are not attending the Welcome Reception, they will go on the tour to the Blue
Lagoon. So please remember to bring your swimsuit with you for an once-in-a-lifetime

Each participant will be given the opportunity to choose which day they want to go to the
Welcome Reception and which day they go to the Blue Lagoon. We have set up an online form
which you can access from the menu 'Welcome Reception Form' after you have logged in, where
each participant can choose on which day they wish to attend each function. The choice of
days will be assigned on first-come, first-served basis, so it is important for everyone to
make their selections as soon as possible.

Blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is approximately a 40 minutes drive from Reykjavk. The local municipalities
in the area have harnessed an intensely hot thermal area, with steam over 230C hot. The steam,
which is very briny and mineral rich, is used to heat up fresh water which is then pumped to
neighboring towns and villages for heating of homes and businesses. Once the steam has cooled
down to about boiling, 100C, it is pumped into a nearby lake, which then becomes comfortably
warm at around body temperature and extremely pleasant to swim in. The lake, nicknamed the
Blue Lagoon because of its cobalt blue color, caused by minerals in the water, is a very popular
swimming spot for locals and foreigners alike. Very surrealistic, but at the same time an
unforgettable experience with the hissing steam in the background. Upgraded facilities opened
in 2004 with geothermal waterfall, steam rooms, massage, etc.


Perlan, on the hill of skjuhld, is one of the most recent landmarks in Reykjavk, a silvery dome
that houses a restaurant on top of geothermal water storage tanks for the city. A splendid view
of the Reykjavk and surrounding mountains can be enjoyed from the 4th floor of the building while
the reception itself takes place on the ground floor. Light refreshments will be served.

Saul Gass 7K Run

In honor of Saul Gass, our IDL plenary speaker we have decided to revive an old tradition from previous
conferences. The Saul Gass 7K run will take place on Tuesday morning at 7:30 am from Askja (APP),
the main conference building. The course is flat and goes through a scenic part of Reykjavik city along
the seaside. The race is free of charge but you must preregister for the race by e-mail to the conference
secretary. Already one person has registered, and that is of course Saul Gass himself.

Conference Banquet

The Conference Banquet dinner will be held on Tuesday evening 19:30-23:00 at the Broadway,
(next door to Park Inn Hotel Island). The conference dinner consists of a 3 course meal (lamb as
main course) with wine and entertainment. The EURO Excellence in Practice Award (EPA) and 
the EURO Management Science Strategic Innovation Prize (MSSIP) will be awarded at the banquet.

The banquet dinner is not included in the registration fee. If you wish to purchase tickets for the
banquet, please contact III, the conference secretary at If you have not signed
up for the banquet in advance, you can buy tickets at the Conference Secretariat desk in the Askja
(APP) building. Broadway seats a maximum of 1000 people so please note it may sell out.