We would like to invite you to come and join us at the EURO 2006 conference in Iceland. Within the conference theme "OR for Better Management of Sustainable Development" we aim to showcase how OR can improve the management of this important topic that touches everyone in the world.

For decades, Icelanders have produced electricity by hydropower and heated their buildings by geothermal power. The Reykjavík public transportation authority is taking part in a pioneer project running some city buses on hydrogen fuel cells, using the world-first commercial hydrogen filling station.

Icelandic nature is characterized by variety. In just a few hours, you can drive through lava fields, mountains and meadows, past geysers and hot springs - even across glaciers. The countryside is dotted by numerous lakes, while streams cascade down the mountainsides in countless waterfalls. The greatest challenge facing a visitor to Iceland may indeed be deciding on which adventure to enjoy.

Located on the volcanic Atlantic rift, midway between Europe and America, Iceland is a suitable location for a European meeting with international flavour. The Organising and Programme Committees are working hard to secure the quality of the academic program as well as that of other aspects of the conference.

A number of semi-plenary speakers will develop in depth the conference theme of "OR for Better Management of Sustainable Development". Many of the streams will be directly related to this theme and further papers in this area will be particularly welcome.

Tuula Kinnunen Snjólfur Ólafsson
Programme Committee Chair Organising Committee Chair